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Fill in your details to gain continuous access to our BIM talent pool.


Fill in your details to gain continuous access to our BIM talent pool.


Find BIM professionals who are

Highly skilled in advanced BIM software and processes

Equipped with international project experience

Trained by BIM experts from leading AECO firms worldwide

AECO currently suffers from an enormous talent gap.

90 days

is the average time spent by companies in finding the right BIM candidate.

INR 7 lakh

is the average cost incurred in training each new recruit with relevant skills.

All because truly skilled BIM professionals are rare to find!

We make things easier

by providing highly skilled BIM professionals at zero cost to help you save time, money and resources on hiring.
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Why Novatr graduates make excellent recruits

Trained by BIM industry experts from top firms

An international panel of BIM experts from the world’s leading AECO companies serves as mentors to our learners.

Highly skilled, in line with industry standards

Our BIM candidates undergo intensive learning informed by an industry-vetted curriculum that includes all major BIM software and workflows.

Equipped with international project experience

All candidates have hands-on experience working on an international, RIBA-structured BIM project (based in the US, Hong Kong or Portugal).

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Zero. We offer companies access to our BIM talent pool free of charge. We are primarily an upskilling platform that exists to fill the innovation and skill gap in the AECO industry. A large part of our efforts go into making sure that our BIM graduates find the opportunities they deserve and that AEC firms find the skilled candidates they seek.
Our flagship BIM Professional Course is carefully crafted to upskill professionals and we encourage individuals to enroll in the same. Having said that, we are happy to scope out your requirements to train your company's existing staff in BIM technologies and processes. Fill in the form above to connect with us.
With a growing number of clients preferring to carry out projects in BIM, companies are rapidly moving towards digital workflows and automation. Oneistox has a growing network of international experts in the field of BIM, who can help you with the transition. Fill in the form above to get started.

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