What we do

Oneistox is developing an ecosystem for the community of creators, builders, and doers
to upskill and equip themselves with industry-relevant skills. There are 3 key ways in
which we achieve this.

First, we bring together individuals from across the world to allow for interactive, COMMUNITY LEARNING.

Second, we ensure that skill development goes hand-in-hand with CRITICAL THINKING.

Finally, 100 per cent of our learning content is developed by mentors who are all INDUSTRY EXPERTS.

Meet our founders

Harkunwar Singh
Goal poacher
Vipanchi Handa
Frugal innovator
Mehul Kumar
Deep diver
Chaithanya Murali
Empathetic realist

How it all began

In 2018, we were fresh out of college, excited to start our journeys as architects. We'd been trained to follow design processes but soon realized that we hadn't a clue about how ideas and plans are executed in the real world. We also stood unaware of how to earn and fend for ourselves as freelancers, consultants, or job seekers in the midst of the confusing, and often deceptive, industry.

This shared empathy sparked in us an ambition to make design and architecture education more skill based, career oriented, and community driven.

Today, 2000+ learners from 35+ countries have accelerated their careers by joining the Oneistox tribe.

However, we still have a lot to do.

A major BOTTLENECK IN DESIGN EDUCATION is anticipated in the near future. By 2023, only 27% of the design and architecture graduates worldwide would be considered employable as per industry standards.

Due to the fast pace of the Digital Age, the HALF-LIFE OF A SKILL HAS DROPPED from 30 years to 6 years. This means that designers would have to upskill every 4 to 6 years in order to stay relevant to the industry.

That's where we come in. We're on a mission to make quality education accessible to all architects, engineers, and designers, and enable them to enhance their knowledge at every stage in their careers.

What we are working towards

Transforming careers

Our goal is to upskill and transform the careers of the 3M+ designers who graduate every year worldwide.

Building tech for design learning

We are focused on building tech-backed systems for learning design through two-way interaction and assessment.

Quality education

We are driven to continuously improving the quality of our educational content to ensuring an unforgettable experience for our learners.

How you can be a part of this

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